Headaches There are over 120 types of headaches!! However the main types we commonly see in our office are migraines, sinus, TMJ, tension type, cluster and cervicogenic (neck) headaches. At peak chiropractic we consider headaches a secondary condition, this means that...

Lazy Butt

Do you have a lazy butt...? Or more accurately, an underactive gluteus medius muscle? Our glute muscles are one of the most commonly under functioning muscle groups we see in our office, why? Because of our lifestyle! Even if you train hard, if you sit down the rest...

Peak Chiropractic News

Peak Chiropractic News

The average person spends roughly one-third of their life asleep, yet puts almost no thought into their pillow choice, and often buys them with convenience and price in mind. Pillows play such a significant role in our daily routine, that they can determine whether we...


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