Traditional Vs Structural Chiropractic


Peak Chiropractic’s focus on structural correction is different to traditional chiropractic care.

Traditional Chiropractors typically aim to:

  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduce muscular spasm
  • Temporarily relieve pain

These are excellent goals and chiropractors have done well under this model of symptomatic/relief care.

 Structural Chiropractors understand the goals above as secondary conditions. The way structural chiropractors like Dr. Leon Crowley see it is that if you’re suffering from any secondary conditions it makes sense that they are the result of a primary condition.

 Your spine is your foundation

Generally speaking, picture your spine as you would the foundations of your house. It’s easy to understand that any shift in the foundation, regardless of severity would result in an alteration of the entire structure of your house. As a result, windows and doors wouldn’t close properly and walls would crack.

One option is to make cosmetic repairs. Such as greasing the windows, covering the cracks or putting a rug over shifted floorboards. However, sooner or later you’ll be required to deal with the primary fault of the shifted foundation. Otherwise, you’ll be faced with doing cosmetic repairs, again and again.

Therefore, if there is a structural shift in your spine, shouldn’t you treat it the same way?