What are Secondary Conditions?


What are secondary conditions? In the first place, they are our body’s way of communicating with us. In particular, our body’s warning system gives us symptoms that are often an indicator of a more serious underlying condition.

Once a structural shift (the primary condition) occurs, it can disrupt the spinal cord and/or spinal nerves exiting the vertebral column, leading to a variety of symptoms (secondary conditions). These may also include:

• Arm Pain
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Cervical Myelopathy
• Degenerative Disc Disease
• Degenerative Joint Disease
• Disc Herniation
• Pinched Nerve
• Dizziness/Vertigo
• Fibromyalgia
• Hip, joint and leg pain, as well as lower and mid-Back Pain
• Migraines
• Muscular Pain
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Numbness as well as Tingling (Hands & Feet)
• Nerve Impingement Syndrome
• Sciatica
• Spinal Canal Stenosis

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